eHarmony, and Table For Six: Online Dating Site Reviews
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eHarmony, and Table For Six: Online Dating Site Reviews

eHarmony is for traditional, marriage-minded individuals. Non-traditional people who just want to date will struggle there. is good if you just want to start browsing right away due to boredom, or an impatience to get started. Table for Six is more specialized for those in California, and is significantly different than the other two options.
Covered in this report
eHarmony — Best Features
Has careful screening processes due to all of the paperwork required, so it can protect you from the creeps.
The automatic matches take a lot of anxiety out of dating- you don’t have to work up the courage to choose someone to talk to, eHarmony suggests them for you.
Best for: Best suited for those who are committed to finding someone to marry right now.
Best deal: 12 Months For Just $15.95 - 73% Off - [activate coupon] — Best Features
The “matchwords” technology allows users to control how other users will find their profile.
Includes the option for a program relatied directly to Dr. Phil.
Best for: Casual daters and people who want to get set up very quickly.
Table For Six — Best Features
Personalized care, with actual humans aiding in the process instead of a computer program.
Having 6 people instead of one on one allows for increased security and comfort.
Best for: Best suited for People in California who like dining out.

Which eDating Service Is for You?

Each edating site focuses on specific niches when it comes to helping people find each other online. When it comes to choosing which site is best for you, it’s helpful to ask yourself what your goals are. Whether you want marriage or casual dating, matches to be done for you or free choice, or paid or free services will determine the perfect site for your needs.



eHarmony makes money through subscription services. These vary quite a bit based on the current country, and current deals given by the company, but generally a subscription in the U.S. can run as much as 60 dollars per month for 1 month at a time, and as little as 20 dollars a month if you sign up for an entire year.


-Complex Software matching:The main features that eHarmony brings to bare is a complex software application that uses the extensive data drawn in questionnaires to match people together.

-Oppisites Attract:The eHarmony philosophy is “Opposites attract, then they attack.” So basically, the idea is that people who are the most alike one another will get along the best.

-Multiple Variables-There are roughly 500 variables that takes into account all of your interests, hobbies, and everything else about you including how much time you spend on the site. The equation matches people up who have the most similarities according to this equation.



The main problem with eHarmony is that it will take you forever to fill out the initial questionnaire. You’re probably thinking, “Oh, so like ten minutes.” No, it will take more in the vicinity of hours. Another downside is that you’re stuck only with those who match with you.

The cost will be prohibitive for some as well, though it is now possible for non-paying members to connect to paying members. Additionally, some people have criticized eHarmony for not having same sex partner matches like other sites such as


The fact that you can only connect to those that eHarmony matches you with can also be a good thing, depending on your perspective. This can cut down on a serious problem other dating sites have, which is how easy it is for creepy individuals to get access to your profile and then use it to harass you. This puts eHarmony a step above sites like is one of the most popular sites online. They connect nearly half a million people a year in some kind of relationship. They’ve been going since 1995 and was one of the first Internet dating sites around. There are around fifteen million subscribers now, in 240 different countries. The membership fees for are generally around 30 dollars a month.


-Matchwords: This is unique to, and it allows users to create keywords that others can use to find them. You could list “Christian” for example; if that’s something that is important to you and that you want to be a defining characteristic that others use to locate your profile.

-Profile Options: You can add a video of yourself to to make it easier for people to see who you are. This is in addition to audio and picture options.

-Personal Matchmaker: also has individualized support for people who want to pay for it. You can call an actual live human being to help you along the process.


The “With Dr. Phil” exclusive program through allows people to enroll in a program that will help mentally prepare people for dating and then guide them through the process.



There are no chat or instant messenger features in, which is a turn off for a lot of people. Due to the fact that it’s so easy to put up a profile and get going, anyone can message you relatively easily. This causes the unfortunate problem of making it easier for unwanted attention in the form of messages and inappropriate pictures showing up on your account.


The ease of setup is a real benefit for some people who don’t want too much hassle, and just want to browse and message people right away. This puts quite a few notches up from a site like eHarmony which has hours upon hours of setup required just to start messaging people.

Table for Six

Table for Six is California-based, specifically in the Bay area, but with more California locations opening up in Los Angeles, Irvine, Sacramento and other places. It’s more of a real world location than an Internet dating site like Match or eHarmony.

How does it work?

The way it works is that you sign up for a particular night, and you have 3 men and 3 women dining together as a way to meet new people of the opposite sex in a low key environment. They ask you questions about your preferences, and then match you up with people they think you will connect to well. They also do post-event follow-ups to help facilitate your dating process.

The costs are usually around 500 dollars per event, in addition to booking costs and the individual cost of dinner and drinks, which are separate. This basic amount could be in flux though.


-Go as often as you want and can afford.

-Go to events beyond just eating dinner if you want.

-Your name is confidential and can only be accessed with your permission through the service.



The biggest downside is that you can only access this service on location in California. If you don’t live in California you can technically get a call and sign up, but you’d still have to go to the physical location. The other down side is the cost, which can be very steep for some people. Many other sites, like, can be accessed mostly for free, and even eHarmony has free options.


Table for Six is personalized and allows for direct human contact in facilitating matches. The low-key dining style with members of both genders also helps people feel less pressured while simultaneously meeting new people. Many join Table for Six looking for friends as well.

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Hey there. I wanted to share my recent experience. I found very randomly. From the beginning it looked to me kinda strange, girls looked too beautiful to be true but to my surprise I spoke to several of them with cam and even added them on facebook later, though still didn’t organize a trip together. Basically what I want to say is that site is full of people who are willing to get in touch and travel. But my advice is to be realistic; internet is like roulette-without trying there’s no champagne.