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Millions of love birds from all around the world from every nook and corner of the world who are looking for local singles have a hope at this place. Cupid is the best dating online website on the whole of the internet. The website serves as a channel bet

The magnificent services allow you to browse through all the members on the website and lookup for the one you are interested in. You can also be a part of chat rooms, get updated with latest dating news, witness success stories, safe dating tips, 24/7 help, special cupid chat software available, games, the provision to look who checked in your profile or added you as a favourite. Moreover, it just takes a minute to sign up on the website and thereafter commence dating and expressing your love.

Many budding romantic success stories give their blessings to Cupid because of its credibility of providing perfect match via its facility to people of diverse regions, age groups (18-65), and cultures. Moreover, Cupid is the cheapest of all other online dating websites and is with such a large number of members looking out for their soul mate.

Company Background

The company commenced its sustained journey of spreading love back in the year 2001. The organisation - Cupid plc holds the potency of the website that just represents as a trading name of Cupid plc. The same organisation plays the authoritarian role of nearly 20 more such dating websites. Max Polyakov founded the company, Mr. Eric Straus is the President of Cupid, and Mr. Mark Brooks holds the designation of Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. The main site of working and operation of Cupid plc is Scotland. The leading online dating website Cupid has nearly 500 employees working at the present.

Customer Feedback

Cupid has got an overall mixed reaction from the customers all around the world. Some of them are highly satisfied and are obliged to Cupid for its tremendous services while some people do have some unsettled score with the website. However, the people who are satisfied and overwhelmed with the services of Cupid are rare to see. Many people are just invoking more and more people to not to get fooled by the system’s hidden policy of sucking out hard-earned dollars from their bank accounts. In the comments of a review website, Cupid has a deteriorated respect in the worst condition. Even on other user-friendly websites Cupid is receiving criticism, as everyone is pointing out to their actions of taking out money without the consent of the user. 

Moreover the problem is not just limited to money there are other flaws too e.g. If a husband or wife explores the other one out at such portal would definitely affect their married life and future. Moreover there are a number of fake profiles and there is no system to verify fakers. There is hardly any success story, most of the relationships last only till the chat goes, by the time it ends you can find them again dating with someone else.

Cupid has received A- rating from BBB and they have termed  length of the business operation as the business flaw point. However still they consider it as a good business executive making money in the market. Cupid in 2005 received the honour of the market leader of online dating websites. It has gradually increased to a humongous approach of 54 million members throughout its world network of 58 countries. It is even making a good amount of income as its annual gross revenues summed up to £53 million in 2011

Cupid is having many blogs however, Single Girl, is the one that is frequently updated. This blog is regularly updated within every 3 days. The website has a magnificent amount of followers on twitter as well as on facebook. Nearly 784,214 people are currently using Cupid’s app on facebook and Cupid guides 3896 followers on Twitter.

Cupid is not only having fan following on internet, it even uses the method of ads on radio channels for marketing purposes. The website is very popular and receives a high amount of traffic although most of the visits on the page nearly 35% are just one time page views. In US the site is on 4,129 rank and in global statistics its rating is 9,155 as per database. At the latest the site has got 6/10 in Google PageRank.

In the span of last 3 months as per the verification of the spiders and the working system of Google the site is not at all malicious and has not at all is a part of any malware distribution activity on internet as stated here:

Moreover, the website is safe to pursue and it do uses http:// while processing through the payment gateway. Although there has been allegations raised against the company as listed on BBB, however, the company participated and responded to every complaint and resolved the issues thereby closing all the complaints.

There are numerous other dating service providers while some provide free service others do not. At present Cupid charges nearly $13.46 from the users to use premium features for the whole month. Although signing up is free but most of the other features like that of chat and messaging are available only after making payment. Whereas other dating websites like Singlesnet charge $12.65 per month, Spark charges $12.99 and eHarmony charges $14.95.

The prices of Cupid are higher from that of websites like SinglesNet, however lower than that of eHarmony. In an overall review, it charges a reasonable price form the customers for the services it provides.

Since the company- Cupid, provides online services of dating and flirt for users and there is no provision of providing anything to its users in physical nature so there is no requirement of shipping purpose for the company. All the services are virtual, hence nothing regarding shipping is presented anywhere on the website.

The payment portal of the website is very flexible and justifies to anyone who passes through the gateway of payment. The user can provide the payment to the either via using your PayPal account for the payment or Debit Card and the gateway is secured via Norton Antivirus to prevent and check any mishap that may occur during the process. However, no other facility of payment is listed, anyone who has to process through the gateway has to select either one the two.

As many other dating websites Cupid works strictly in accordance to its Terms and Conditions and follows no return policy to the users. In the very first step of the registration of any account the user has to approve to agree to the terms of the Company that do not state any refund of any payment.  However, there is an amendment in the rules as per the United Kingdom Consumer Protection Regulations 2000. As per this amendment if a consumer cancels the agreement through acceptance within a time span of next coming 7 working days after doing the payment then, he is liable to get all his payment back, provided he does not use his service in any manner.


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