Love Dating And Marriage And How It Works Online

After a number of years working online, and also in my spare time looking for a girlfriend online, I have developed some idea of how the whole internet dating scene works. I can shed some light on the subject, regardless of whether I've actually had much

The old saying goes, "first comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes a baby, sitting in a carriage". I never particularly wanted to get married and have children myself, as I wasn't really the responsible type. 

At 31, I've almost put the whole idea to bed, and given up on women for good. Many western men are in my same situation, as I'm not an unattractive man compared to a lot of guys out there, or poor. 

It's getting harder and harder these days for a couple to form, and stay together, and the figures back this up. If you look at the figures compared to fifty years ago, the amount of people currently married has halved, the divorce rate has more than doubled, and the birth rate has been cut in half as well. 

Women are taught to hold out in wait for a prince charming who never comes along, and they can afford to wait because they have jobs of their own, and there is no financial reason to need a man to take care of the bills or put a roof over their heads, and so what happens is they are confused, don't know what to do, hold out for a genetic masterpiece to come in inseminate her with his seed, but it doesn't happen, and both her and her potentially real partner who exists in the real world grow old and die alone. 

Of course you can't actually tell that to a thirty year old woman, even if she knows that's true herself. She expects something out of a Hollywood movie, something which happens to good looking movie stars who get paid ten million dollars a movie, as this is the standard set for a man these days, something out of a fairy tale. 

The Reasons Why Women Search For Men Online

I'm getting off the subject a bit, I just wanted to get the point across that there are two types of women that you will find online. Those seeking something they could not find in the real world, a perfect man, who is nice and charming, and rich and handsome and not at all like the jock players down at the local nightclub who take them for an easy one night stand whenever they bother going out. 

That's one type of woman, the woman who's just looking, waiting in hope, and the other type is the woman who knows what she wants, is realistic about how to get it, and is desperately trying to make it happen within a time frame, caused by necessity. 

You get women who have this mentality for a number of reasons, either they are growing old, they want to have children before they grow old, or they need someone to look after their children, or they are in financial peril, and need someone to help them take care of the bills, or they lack self esteem, or any number of combinations of these and other reasons. 

What you want is to find a woman who knows what they want, is simply looking for a man who passes her basic list of qualifications, like he has a good job, has his real teeth, and doesn't have mustard stains on his shirt. 

If you can find a woman like that, meet her requirements, and be nice to her enough to pass the test, then you should be on the way to love and potentially marriage, if that's what you were after, but that's a whole other kettle of fish, whether the man was actually desperately seeking to get married in the first place, or whether he was really after something else less permanent. 

Anyway, I've tried Plenty Of Fish, and got sick of the attitudes of western women to the point that I can't be bothered talking to them any more. My next stop is probably going to be a site where I can find a wife in the Philippines


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