Meet Millionaire Review - Unique Features for Millionaire Dating

This is the first and largest site in the world to date and marry successful and beautiful singles. Meet a millionaire, Meet rich and wealthy singles for relationships. You can add a touch of romance to success and achievement here. Our members include CE

Meet Millionaire: Unique features

Meet Millionaire is an unique millionaire dating site. The members who joined this site are either millionaires or admirers. This site requires those who clarified themselves as millionaires should make over $150 / year. The unique features on this site make it different from other millionaire dating sites.

Meet Millionaire is the first site to offer CERTIFIED MILLIONAIRE feature. All the members list in this list need to verify their profiles firstly then prove proof of their tax return / bank statement. The tax return from the last financial year that shows the earnings of the owners should be over $150,000. The bank statement shows the owner has earned over $150,000 during this current financial year. The members listed here are very popular on this site of course. 

This site has run 3 years. It matched many couples successfully and they gave many good advices about millionaire dating for new members. The advices are listed under "millionaire dating advice", maybe this feature will be useful for you.

As a millionaire gathering site, there are many luxuries to show. The feature "Members' luxuries" is a platform for members showing their arts, Autos, Aviation, Boats, etc. Just name a few. It's a great way to get close to millionaire members. The admirers will know better what's millionaires like doing, like playing, etc. Other members can comment under the luxuries and the comments are viewable to the posters. So it's a great way to break ice.

This site set Live MM counselor. The counselor is selcted from loyal site members who stay on this site over 5 years and love this site very much. The counselor can help you resolve problems in a short time. The conselor also gives advices if you have any communication problem or technical problem. This is the online schedule for the conselor: Mon-Thu 6:00 AM-8:00 AM EST.

Here are other unique features, just list out, you can easily find it out if you ever use this site.

* Upscale fashion show

* Last activity

* Millionaire dating forum & blog

Meet Millionaire: Pricing & packages

It's free to post your personal profile here. But if you want to get full access of this wesite or email your interested members, you have to subscribe to a paid membership. Sbuscription are entirely voluntary and you can stop billing any time. You may try out this site first before you purchasing the membship.

Here is the list for membership fee,

* One month $50

* Three months $90

* Six months $144


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